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Dolomite Powder
Dolomite Powder
We offer a highly versatile range of mineral Dolomite Powder which is used in various industries. The salient feature of our natural dolomite is its higher degree of purity, wet ability and whiteness. Our natural Dolomite Mineral Powder is popular for its shear and compressive strength. Our natural dolomite is fire resistive and solid. Long lasting life and stiffness is the strength of our mineral dolomite. We use best quality machines to ensure the quality of our mineral dolomite. We have carved a niche as one of the leading Dolomite Stone Powder Manufacturers in India.
Dolomite Powder
Dolomite is the name of both carbonate rock and a mineral (formula: CaMg(CO3)2) which is named after is discoverer-a French mineralogist Deodat de Dolomieu consisting of a calcium magnesium carbonate. it contains 30.4% of CaO, 21.7% of MgO and 47.9% of CO2.
This exclusive grade of super snow white dolomite is available near Udaipur only. The whiteness of this grade is upto 98%. This dolomite powder is suitable for paints, detergents, plastic compounds and as a filler in plastic re processing.
   Whiteness   97.00%
   Oil Absorption   22.00%
   pH   8.6
   Matter Soluble in Water   0.12
   Bulk Density (g/l) Specific Gravity Hardness on Moh’s scale   1.00 2.85
   Calcium Oxide   CaO   29% ( + 1% )
   Magnesium Oxide   MgO   21% ( + 1% )
   Silica   SiO2   2% ( + 1% )
   Alumina   Al2O3   0.15% ( + 0.05% )
   Ferric Oxide   Fe2O3   0.15% ( + 0.05% )
   Loss On Ignition   LOI   45% ( + 2% )
   Calcium Carbonate   CaCO3  50% ( + 2% )
   Magnesium Carbonate   MgCO3   45% ( + 2% )
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